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24th October 2019

US-West Probe Servers Update, scheduled 8 months ago

On Oct 24, 2019, 16:00 UTC the following probe servers will be replaced and change IP addresses:

US-Los Angeles(QuadraNet)-11 > US-Los Angeles(DigitalRealty)-18: / 2607:fcd0:100:bf00::c to / 2604:180:f4::67

US-Los Angeles(QuadraNet)-12 > US-Los Angeles(DigitalRealty)-19: / 2607:fcd0:100:bf00::e to / 2604:180:f4::194

US-Los Angeles(QuadraNet)-13 > US-Los Angeles(DigitalRealty)-20: / 2607:fcd0:100:bf00::f to / 2604:180:f4::17a

US-Los Angeles(QuadraNet)-14 > US-Los Angeles(DigitalRealty)-21: / 2607:fcd0:100:bf00::d to / 2604:180:f4::19d

US-Los Angeles(QuadraNet)-15 > US-Los Angeles(DigitalRealty)-22: / 2607:fcd0:100:bf00::10 to / 2604:180:f4::190

US-Los Angeles(QuadraNet)-16 > US-Los Angeles(DigitalRealty)-23: / 2607:fcd0:100:bf00::b to / 2604:180:f4::199

US-Los Angeles(QuadraNet)-17 > US-Los Angeles(DigitalRealty)-24: / 2607:fcd0:100:bf00::4 to / 2604:180:f4::1e

Please update your firewall in preparation if you have whitelisted.

Update #1: We have noticed some CPU steal on a few of the VM's while migrating to the new provider which has prevented us from continuing with the migration, they are currently working on it. We expect to have this finished soon.

Update #2: This is now complete

23rd October 2019

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22nd October 2019

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21st October 2019

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20th October 2019

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19th October 2019

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