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Past Incidents

11th February 2020

New US Probe Servers, scheduled 1 month ago

On Feb 11, 2020, 13:30 UTC, we will be adding a new probe server to the following locations: US-East, US-Central and US-West.

US-New York(Equinix)-18: / 2604:a880:400:d0::1662:9001

US-Dallas(SoftLayer)-18: / 2600:3c00::f03c:92ff:fe59:2b24

US-Los Angeles(DigitalRealty)-27: / 2604:180:f4::1ce

Please adjust your firewalls appropriately if you whitelist.

10th February 2020

No incidents reported

9th February 2020

No incidents reported

8th February 2020

No incidents reported

7th February 2020

No incidents reported

6th February 2020

Check Servers UPDATE: Connectivity issues MX/Mexico check server

MX UPDATE: The connection appears to have stabilized. We will be closely monitoring this location for any more connectivity issues & false positives. Due to the slow response/resolution time from the provider there is a possibility we will move to an alternative, if that happens the status page will be updated.