5th February 2020

Scheduled Maintenance - Transaction Check Upgrade - Sun Feb 9, 10:00am GMT

On Sunday, 9th February at 10:00am GMT we will be performing scheduled maintenance to upgrade our transaction checker across all check servers. We do not expect any downtime due to the maintenance, and in our comprehensive testing the vast majority of transaction checks will continue work seamlessly in the upgraded checker. In case you have any issues with one of your transactions, please contact support who will be able to assist you.

​Here is a list of new transaction check features included in this upgrade:

  • Upgraded to the latest Chrome version.
  • Support for Chinese, Thai and other international fonts.
  • Screenshots are generated on global timeout errors.
  • Global timeout alerts include the step and execution time in which the timeout occurred .
  • Element autofill has been revised such that form elements and links appear at the top.
  • Transaction Checks support the use of XPath in element selectors.
  • New Auth and Settings Command also supports custom headers, viewport size and mobile emulation.
  • Transaction Checks display validation errors in the script on Save and Run Test actions.
  • Text fields support RegEx matching.
  • New Hover Element and Focus Element commands.
  • Full support for embedded IFrames.
  • Support for script variables, including constants, random values and date & time.
  • Improved Click Element command which better emulates a user's mouse click and supports left, right and middle button clicks.

UPDATE: Feb-9 5:50pm GMT All check servers have now been updated with the new transaction checker, and the maintenance is complete.